1. Solo CD „After all this time“

After all this time



Book:“Augen.Blicke aus dem Barock“ from Pia Douwes
AugenBlicke aus dem Barock

Now available: www.piadouwes.com/en/webshop

Augen.blicke aus dem barock are visual stories told by Pia Douwes (singer, actress) and Simone Leonhartsberger (photographer). Pia transforms herself into a lady of the Baroque aristocracy- an ode to this bizarre time period.

The mood of this era is playfully and creatively conjured through expressive photos, personal thoughts, beloved poems and famous quotes.

„Our attraction to the baroque period has its roots in the music of that time. There is a melancholy mood that triggers something indescribable in us and lets our fantasy run free“





Photo: © Jeroen Horsthuis